I've been in love with the arts since I was a child and have pursued a career in art my entire life.

I started a tattoo apprenticeship at Beautiful Body Tattoo in 2012 and I've been a licensed artist since 2014. I am CPR and blood/airborne pathogen certified through OSHA and the state of Missouri. I attended UMKC for two years toward my undergraduate studies in fine arts and biology focusing on the human body. You can read my reviews here.

Over the past few years, I've collected several machines, including builds by Dan Kubin and Aaron Cain. I use only the top shelf inks; such as Eternal, Dynamic, Fusion, and Hexis needles to make sure your tattoo will stay colorful and clean for as long as possible.


Tuesday - Saturday • 11pm - 7pm
Or By Appointment



I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in graphic design. Since then, I've worked for various agencies around Kansas City. I started my career downtown working for GoComics near the Power and Light district, and I currently have lead design role at a marketing agency in Overland Park, KS.

I have a strong passion for design - in any form. I love colors (all of them), fonts are like a drug, and I get super excited when Creative Market releases their weekly freebies.

When I'm not working on a design project, you'll likely find me either baking, crafting, or getting way too into whatever video game is my current addiction.